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ACG San Francisco Conference 2014

Thank You Message from Chapter President

On behalf of our chapter, I want to thank everyone involved for making this conference spectacular.  I challenged everyone at lunch to make at least three connections for someone, and from all indications, we met or exceeded that challenge.


That means attendees contributed via their networks and knowledge base.  Panelists and moderators contributed their wisdom and time.  Sponsors not only helped financially, but in their efforts to bring attendees, companies, panelists, and know how.  And conference committee members and paid staff planned and executed with passion and expertise.

If you missed our keynote speaker, football legend Joe Montana, you can read all about it in the San Francisco Business Times, right here:

Our chapter has long been about igniting powerful lasting relationships.  We’re creating a community where sharing success is contagious.  Thank you, each one of you, for helping us build and sustain that success.


Rob Sher
ACG San Francisco Chapter President
Founding Principal CEO to CEO

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